Good Shows to Hear This Weekend


i was goofing around the Live Music Archive at last night, and found some good shows that you might be interested in streaming or downloading if you’re just hanging out.  there are tons of shows (Mike Doughty’s got 50 or so up!) but these are ones i’ve found are worth multiple listens.

Mike Doughty –
Ted Leo + the Pharmacists –
Elliot Smith –
Death Cab for Cutie – (this may not be their best sounding show on the archive, but the setlist is very close to what they played when i saw them with Jim and Till in December)
The Frames – this was done by the band themselves, and is really great sounding)

you can brows the live music archive yourself at


2 thoughts on “Good Shows to Hear This Weekend”

  1. Jake; good find! I’m listening to ALO at work – had never encountered them before. It’s a really high-quality recording, too, very pleasant-sounding, mad props to the person who taped this show.

    :::If you are a Phish fan jonesing for a fix, ALO is a must-listen!:::


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