Bigtime MFR Happenings

So, Howie (with contributions from friends) started Mr. Furious Records to write, record, and post our music all for free, with no advertisements or profit or anything.  Ironically, both of our for-profit bands (weird!) are playing a show together tomorrow night (Saturday, August 12th, at the Chatterbox in Lincoln.  All ages, 4 bones, 5:30 pm is when it starts). 

Maybe “for profit” is the wrong phrase to use.  Maybe I mean, “we try to break even on the money we spend on making CDs and stuff.”  Although money can be a hassle, if it’s low on your priority list, it’s not too bad.  It is kind of neat to have an actual pressed CD to hand out, although I think even MFR is going to press some in the future MAYBE for free give-away or maybe we give it away if you make a donation to sick penguins, like with the old Shacker/howie&scott CDs. 

You can read about our CD release show here.

Unfortunately, I don’t think they mentioned FIVE STAR CRUSH, FAMOUS CELEBRITIES!  And they called Jesse “Jeffe Hodges.”  Which I happen to think is awesome.

Look for a Furious Instance track on MFR from R,CC!’s record, She Beeps.  And it’s not one you’ve heard before, I bet!  Or maybe, it is!

Have a good Friday!  Hope to see you tomorrow!



3 thoughts on “Bigtime MFR Happenings”

  1. HEY i updated Furious Instance with a track from “She Beeps”! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1

    So peep that in the sidebar! This comment is just to draw your attention there. I will send a FuriousMail about it too.

    SEE YOU TONIGHT AT THE CHATTERBOX 8th & “O” streets in Lincoln NE 5:30 pm with Robot! and Five Star Crush and our respective new discs. -h

  2. tonight slayed dragons with swords of rock. thanks to all involved. congrats Robots! great record.

    KEEP IN TOUCH with Five Star Crush’s myspace (link in post above) – we are discussing returning to NE on Sept. 1st already. -howie

  3. Howie! Is FSC coming to Crete for Summer’s End eXtravangza, maybe? On the first?????

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