This is How Bad…

…I am about birthdays.  I missed ours.

September 21, 2004, 1:09 PM CST – launched.  It took our “bestest”* fan to remind me that we’re two years old (and a couple weeks more).

18 releases in 24 months; I’m pretty proud of that.  My personal highlights include The Dimly Lit Room, Creepy Eepy, “Lunch By Yourself,” A Wind I Can Lean Into, and Don’t Let Them Take Us… ALIVE!. 

And there’s much more to come.  My guitars for It’s A Trap are over half done, and sound pretty damn rocking.  Cory and I are working on a folk-song split release.  Someday I’ll have a blues band with E-rock from 5*C.  And Ventura is always on the horizon.

Thanks first for listening, second for reading, and third for sharing our music with your friends.  Thanks for being a part of this expiriment of “what happens when we give our best work, our greatest love, away?!”  Here’s what I want for our birthday; wherever you are, celebrate somehow – with this sentence I give you the go-ahead. 

I’m going to have cookie dough for lunch.  SEE YOU-


*self-proclaimed.  Thanks, Mom.

3 thoughts on “This is How Bad…”

  1. Daaaaamn! Happy birthday to us! I think I might just decorate and enjoy a Birthday Steak (stolen from Thanks, Drew!)

    I like “Be A Ska Rate,” “Don’t Let Them Take Us ALIVE!,” “A Wind…” and “Dimly Lit.” And Creepy Eepy. And D-Rockets. Shhhh.

  2. Hey, I’m happy Ska Rat made your list – I still like the songs a lot, but I wish I’d mixed the guitars thicker. It ended up being a very drum and rhythm-driven sound, which is OK I guess… but more “nimble” than “PUNK ROCK!” which is what I meant. Oh well. Next time.

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