Mary be the one, unplug…

XMAS ’06 is nearing completion, with Scott’s sax added now to “O Come Thou Dayspring.”  I hope to get it out this weekend, and what happens tomorrow has a lot to do with that.  I also discovered a track recorded last year and saved, which I’d forgotten, called “What’s My Baby Want’n?”  So the new tracks will be:

5. O Come Thou Dayspring – howie&scott
6. What’s My Baby Want’n? – Tape/echoes
7. Jingle Bells – DJ Josh-O
8. Silent Night – Tape/echoes

Then, Sally Ride in another week or two.  Ack – Do you get sick of constant updates to the schedule?  Or is it cool to know where we’re at?


The best non-pumpkin-pie part of the Thanksgiving holiday was drumming with Ben (and Scott, and others who lent a hand: Nick, Kay, Mom…).  We circled up in the evenings in my living room with traditional Ewe drums, and just started in.  Sometimes Ben assigned rhythm parts to a few people, others times we just jammed.  Scottie got the sax out and did some improv, which was a big hit – I’m guessing Ben (my music teacher and choir-leader friend from Ghana, West Africa) had never heard anything quite like it.  We sang a couple traditional songs that I know/learned.

We also sang some hymns, some with drums and some without.  When the German Bremen missionaries first visited Ben’s area of Ghana in the 1800’s, they brought their hymn book and translated over 200 hymns into Ewe language.  Having grown up in churches, and being currently empolyed by one, many of the tunes are familiar to me.

You’ll be able to hear a little bit of all (traditional African music, new stuff inspired by traditional sounds, and hymns) on Sunday, January 21 when Ben is our guest artist for the morning at SPUCC in KC MO.

2 thoughts on “Mary be the one, unplug…”

  1. SNOW DAY!!!!!!!!!11111111111111

    (in KC)

    I’ve been at home all day today, mixing, test-mastering, reading, not looking at the pile-up of mail (later), calling friends (good intentions), eating cornbread pancakes and popcorn, emailing songs to 5*C and ScoMo, enjoying the total solitude of being snowed in and looking forward to breaking out in some way some time tomorrow. -h

  2. While we’re on the subject of holiday music, read some reviews of holiday albums at the NY Times (link will expire in 2 weeks).

    I’m pretty interested in Sufjan Stevens, the Klezmatics, and Blackmore’s Night. -h

    PS – I don’t know why this post still reads “no comments” when I made one last night – will look in to that. Have you guys been commenting and I haven’t seen lately?

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