It's A Trap – Lyrics

Sally Ride – It’s A Trap
Lyrics by C. Howie Howard, “Cause 2 B Uneasy” by Cory Kibler. Thanks for providing attribution & a link when you quote/copy/cite!


You’re bugged; we’re listening
You don’t quite know
We’d like to keep this calm
Don’t fret; we’re the Lookers
We’re NSA
Trust us. We’ll find the needles
In your email. “Just looking!”

By holy God, don’t you dare look back at us!
Don’t look, don’t breathe

By hell and heaven, don’t you dare look back at us!
Don’t look, don’t breathe, don’t think, don’t speak, don’t breathe!
Don’t look!

“Cause 2 B Uneasy”

Your face was a light
On a coast of new hope
‘Cause back then you had said
I could use you to cope
In the night of my day ’cause I lost my way and
The ship needed light from your heart just to guide me home

But your light it went out and
You were not about to come down on the rocks,
Raise your arms up and shout to make sure I was safe
I was fine, I’m OK
You were tired and afraid so your light it gave way to the dark, well uh-huh

Hey, I got something to say,
So won’t you please believe me?
Baby, I think we both have some cause to be uneasy
When the only thing I’ll ever love gets up, turns the lights out and leaves me
When I’m fast asleep I think we’ve cause to be uneasy

Your heart is a ghost, a cloud of smoke, a cost, a dream, a whisper, a scream, a warmth, a pain,
In the night it’s a flame that burned out in the black,
Only love turned to ash

Hey, I’ve got something to say…
You’re the only thing I’ve ever loved

“Holy Moses”

When you broke into free-fall, ‘fore I had steeled myself to hear you scream out,
“That is not what I’m asking!”
Well, my dear, what can I say?
Our misunderstandings cause real pain

Army ‘chutes over Navy seas
Separation came easy, and
I thought (so it seemed) from the outside these waters supported me
But no one claimed we could jump from love,
End up within a thousand miles of Abilene

The sky is empty; I’m trying to see you apart from the sea
But we both saw we were coming unzipped at the seams, well ahead of our splash landing

I can’t swim, but I do float
You? I don’t even want to know
What happens underwater stays there if you get home
So, holy Moses, where are you now?
If this man ever needed some dry land, he’s making his sound; “Holy Moses, come on, save me, don’t watch me drown!”

“Baby Bells on the Warpath for Profit”

Sit down, son, check this deft maneuver
The cutest thing you’ve ever seen
Let’s put our hand into your pocket
Let’s see if we can make you sing
We wouldn’t say this is dishonest
We just can’t leave it up to you
Who calls our lobbying intrusive?
We “want” a neutral ‘net-web too!

Yeah, we’re coming (paying, scheming, praying…)
Yes, it’s true.
No; we’re faking! We’re with you!
(Really, the Congress sold you out!)

We’re gon’ a-storm the gate and hold it;
We Baby Bells and Company
Give us a corner on the market,
Don’t make us practice what we preach

Yeah, we’re coming…

We claim the title on your ground; we’re taking over.

“Just Observing”

I burned a knot instead of pulling
Stemmed the flow from ends of ropes
I never said (I couldn’t say)
You shouldn’t ask what’s in my blood

Your science taken apart, your heart examined
Laid out to light in harshest blue
I am not a judge, I’m just observing, but
You won’t last my loving view

You’re on your own,
So take some time; something good will come of us
(It won’t be you)
But never mind
Crippled child of broken trust

“Loose Lips Sink Ships”

Whisper; I have something to share
I imagine a thousand disasters
Stay back! You don’t want to hear what I’m thinking
It’s a terrible start
You could have an accident
Your magazine isn’t up to code
Selfish; I’m a gene machine; I’m in orbit
You fall in love with who’s close

Please take your leave – we’ll sail and sink
I slipped; I warned their fleet

Broadsides. Prints and images. Little pieces
That’s what’s left of us after our
Misadventurous flirt with intrigue
This whisper started a wave
Flattened the shore where we lay

And I wanted to make believe their arms were on our side
I thought the war could end, we’d go home
I’d live in your eyes
How did I end up in my own trap???

Please take your leave…

“David S. Addington and Your Democracy”

Lawman don’t care for the Constitution
He thinks he’s a righteous force, and
I don’t care what I’m doing to you
Leaving without a sound, without a word
Lawman’s paradigm made this war seem right, and I’m off

Hey, this city sleeps until the alarm
We’ll come back in our time

Lord, there’s a crisis in our city
Barmy Lawman brought the Marshall to town
Love, we’re alone and fighting a coterie
Now, friends, we take the Lawman down
His “New Paradigm” made this war seem right, and we’re off


“We’ll wake up in our own sweet time
Nothing wrong with hands over our eyes
This hasn’t been on TV! It’s too early, we’re asleep!”

“New Slow Sea”

It’s been so long, it’s good to see you home
I’ve missed those arms, been restless in my bones
Walked up and kissed me
For a second I was whole
My anima, my ex. I woke alone

Baby, we never learn

Asked I a thousand times; you never said
What moved you on, who keeps you from my bed
Did you discover I’m a broken man? Or worse?
You breathe the irony so deep it burns

Someday we’ll lay in our dreams (saved for the kids’ return)
Sail upon a new slow sea (showing the same concern)

“We the People”

We all cruise along the Interstate
We’ve all been through Mrs. Quinn’s class
We’re all living like this dream our fathers bled is gon’ a-last
Watch me dive into the roses
Love, I’ll set one in the sky
But now the darkness come, singing “War + Freedom!” and we are blind

There’s a few who would be kings and lords,
High priests of the red, white & blue
There’s a People who won’t stand for it
My kids will have a country too

I don’t put my faith in the President
And I don’t trust in CEOs
Give me space to live and love as I believe, give me soul
Lady Liberty, you’re sleeping
Medicated to the gills
Wake up! And hold ol’ Sam’s feet to the fire!

There’s a few…

Yes! This is an accusation!
Yes, this is a call to arms!
They don’t deserve the Oval Office!
Yes! This is a call to f*cking arms!

“Back in the Fire”

There I was in confession, asking grace for sin of war
Fighting battles of love with faith that I can win by force
You know it’s ammunition that I’m looking for

I’ll see you again, one more time
The way you move in my sights
Speak some truth, let me lie, I’ll be here awhile

By a death that is hot as hell and lying in the mud
That’s how I found you, darling,
Don’t you see that’s good enough?
See the fog of combat left you in my blood?

I’ll see you again…

There’s no need to be single; there’s no need to be fair
There’s no need to crawl back in the fire

And like a foxhole believer,
You get your hope where you can
I’ll take you out

There’s no need to be honest; there’s no need to be scared

There’s no need to crawl back in the fire