One thought on “IT’S A TRAP / Sally Ride”

  1. Rock / Indie / Alternative: “Lost love and politics; guitars and fake snares; soul, pop, radio heads and weird hooks.”

    It’s A Trap by C. Howie Howard (drum programming, guitar, organ, voice) except “Cause 2 B Uneasy” by Cory Kibler (lead guitar, handclaps, backing voice).

    Back in the Choir: Eric Cornwell, Jill Gillespie, Tim Gillespie, Joel Hines, Danny Lange, Katy Lindhart, Matt Pluff.

    Recorded by h at:
    FuriousSound (Raytown, MO)
    Matt’s House (Shawnee, KS)
    Where The Barbies Live (Lee’s Summit, MO)

    Mastered by h at FuriousSound.

    Big Thanks: Matt. Jody & Jimmie. Everyone who accomodated, encouraged, or just dealt with our presence/absence in order to make this album exist. Lindy.

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