Silent Woods Co-release

Mr. Furious Records and Lone Prairie Records will partner to release Cory Kibler’s new album The Silent Woods online May 9th.  Cory’s release show is at Duffy’s in Lincoln, NE that night with Gene Hogan and Dan Jenkins.

Lone Prairie has recently posted a six-song EP by Last Leg (Jeff Iwanski of Honey Stump), and is exploring further possibilities for online releases.

“We’re interested in reaching the most people possible with Cory’s record.  The partnership between MFR and LPR is a great step along that path.  This is our third point of contact, after Robot, Creep Closer!’s EP and album and the Killers in the Nebraska Territory comp, and I don’t expect it will be the last.

“In the mid- to long-term, we also expect an increase in web traffic to our sites.  Releasing music freely under Creative Commons license is obviously a viable artistic model; I believe it also has the potential to be a viable business model for bands and collectives, who can give their music away and survive on shows, t-shirts, and added-value releases such as DVDs.” -howie

After The Silent Woods, MFR’s next scheduled release is Sally Ride’s You Have To Wear the Boots, an album of cowboy songs in one act by Cory and howie.

Meteorites and the Origin of the Solar System

Cory went to New York a while ago, and this happened:




Who knew?

His record is coming right along; I think we hope to have it out and up in a couple of weeks.  It has the magic.

5*Joel is coming over in a bit here to work on a killer new demo-jam we wrote at practice Thursday night.  ALSO: Duane, our engineer, found the stem-mixes from our Sleepless Nights EP, so Joel and I anticipate re-recording the guitar and key parts only very soon.  This project, with the new Red EP, would build toward a full-length with one more 2-3 song recording session.


5*C Red EP

New Five Star Crush music is up at our myspace:

Hear “Ms. Trouble” and “Black Machine” from our new Red EP, which also includes “Transient” and “Aasta (I Miss You).”  This is what has basically occupied the last five weeks of my life; it’s been trying but I can’t imagine being happier with the finished work.  Last night’s gig with Bowling for Soup went.  We have a short break before three big weekends of shows in May.

I played some keys for Cory’s record this morning.  I’m most happy about “Success,” everything else is either subtle or kind of weird and I want Cory to hear it before deciding whether to like or not.  He’s in San Fransisco.

And, apparently, “howie-rocks”:




Thanks, Jill. -h

Message from Cory Regarding His Record

Cory sent me the below to post this morning early, so I’ll do that and add below.  -h


The new Cory Kibler record, tentatively titled “Due To The Nature Of The Dart Itself,” or possibly “Pass Me That Ruler, I’m Gonna Measure Some Shit,” or maybe even “Some Asshole Pretending To Party,” is without a doubt the best record ever to come out of the Kibler District of Lincoln, NE.

I suppose it’s the only full-lengthish solo record I’ve ever done, so that’s why it’s the best. And the Kibler District is just anywhere where I am, personally, so that’s how that goes.

Basically, it’s got the same ingredients as some of my past jamz: minimal guitar, or simple guitar, anyway; my soft girl-voice swearing from time to time, usually because my mic was buttered improperly; etc. No, but it’s sounding great so far; if I were to describe my songs on this record, I’d say they were to-the-point, catchy, bittersweet, soft, and perfect music for a movie soundtrack. I actually kind of think that last bit is pretty spot-on. “Violently Real Reality,” one of the hit-joints off of the record, would be a bona-fide tearjerker at the end of some Zach Braff movie. Maybe Wes Anderson, if I’m lucky.

Usually, I stick to sounding as much like Neutral Milk Hotel, Elliott Smith and Death Cab as I can without getting sued, but according to Howie, I’m getting better and better at sounding like “me.” Which is nice. It’d be nice to write a song so uniquely your own that people would know it was yours even if they heard someone else perform it. Like, when people hear my other smash-single “Joanna (You Forgot The Time)” covered by Dylan in concert next year, I want them to think, “F*ck! I wish it were REALLY Cory up there! This Bob guy’s a jokester!”

Really though, I’m incredibly excited for this record to reach your ears. I feel like I’ve honed my lyrical abilities better on these songs than with other songs I’ve written, and I feel like there’s a lot of variety and somehow also a lot of cohesiveness. I think it’s a pretty record (“pretty” being a vague modifier, but guess what? I don’t give a dang-dang!). I hope that when people listen to these 9 songs, they desperately want more. Or at least, I hope people don’t barf into their own hands after hearing it!

Love, Cory Alan


Cory actually does need an album title, so think on that if you like.

The record is a natural step forward to my ears; on the surface level, it’s like a mix of Creepy-Eepy and the little guy’s solo songs from Shacker’s The Dimly Lit Room.  But I think it shows cool growth in terms of diversity in the songs’ rhythms and lyrics.  I don’t think Cory can hear how far he’s developed in his own way from that Neutral Milk-thing; I’m mostly thinking of the fingerpicking style on songs like “Easy Kill” and “How We Can Know” (to pick two you might have heard by now on the Lone Prairie murder ballads comp / XMAS).  I haven’t heard anyone compose and play guitar quite like that anywhere.

Time passes very quickly when I put the record on, so I must be getting really into it.  I think we’re going to work on it for a few more weeks; we want to try some keyboard stuff, and I’ll mix/master but that won’t take long.  (Actually, in the mastering stage I’m going to replace Cory’s record with acoustic Avril Lavigne recordings!  He probably won’t notice!)