It’s Wednesday, but the middle-of-the-week blogging in the aftermath of The Silent Woods isn’t ideal.  I’ll return to Saturday postings this very weekend.

Tonight 5*C is playing in the finals of 93.3’s Best Local Band contest; winner opens for the very big Red, White, & Boom! show in a few weeks.  Whether we win or not, we’ve made a bunch of friends, so that’s a victory.  The Kill Hannah show on Sunday night will be rad no matter what.

Speaking of The Silent Woods, at least 407 individuals have downloaded a song or more from it!  We love the Internet Archive’s new download-counter, for sure.  And thanks for the link, this-blog-in-Russian!

Listening-wise, I’ve been on a big Elvis Costello kick.  TV on the Radio.

Haven’t been able to start You Have To Wear the Boots rehearsals yet.  I’m super-looking-forward to it, though.  You guys have no idea.  -h