It Was Garage Rock…

…in Emporia, KS last night as 5*C gave our best to Josie’s, bass-less.

I fired up the Frankentar, my Yamaha “Eterna” Strat knock-off equipped with some gnarly pickups and a Roland GK that drives a bass synth.  The synth sounds pretty plain on its own, but when it’s doubling riffs or the roots of chords, the whole combo starts to kick a little.

Without keys or bass, our neo-80s dance-pop transforms into a mix of Kinks-ish garage rock, Franz Ferdinand-style post-punk, and Joel’s good songs.  It’s fun, it’s a little loose, and it’s a decent change of pace from our usual mode, though I’d never trade them out for more than a night or two at a time.

The new Josie’s building has great vibes; I know Emporia-Matt has to work really hard to put on rock shows, which is a shame now that he finally has a cool space to work with.  There are even two booths right by the door that are perfect for merch.  The man treats his bands well.

With any luck, 5*Matt and I will have a night to work on recording this coming week, and we’ll have a night of practice with Mychael for Friday night’s show at the Brick with Distance to Empty.

5 thoughts on “It Was Garage Rock…”

  1. Ok, this is highly unrelated to your post here but I have a question that is driving me crazy and I think you can help.

    What was the name of the band that you, Max, Becca and I saw at the Royal Grove? It completely escapes my mind.

    Oh and how the heck are you too?

  2. Cory – Mychael is the sub. bassist. He’s awesome. His full-time gig is called Lovers in Transit, and they are also awesome.

    Mel – was it a Brazillian metal band, Soulfly? I know I saw them with you guys, but I’m not 100% sure that’s who you’re thinking of. The frontman for Soulfly is from a more famous metal band, Sepultura.

    I’m good! How the heck are you?

  3. I recently purchased a new sound system for my computer, and in giving it a test drive today I hit upon “Blues or Astroblue?”

    It lit it up. Best I’ve ever heard it (not including certain live versions). It was requisite to listen twice.

    Just thought you’d like to know.

  4. yes, it was soulfly. i feel so stupid that i couldn’t remember the name. i knew it wasn’t something too crazy. i do remember that they had a horrible opening act and i was sicker than a dog.

    any way i’m hella good, well at least most of the time. though sometimes i wish i was still in college, carefree and all that. but having a little one is great and full of love. though raising a child is more work than you would think.

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