New Jams in the Works

It’s been an exciting couple of weeks at MFR, and our fall/winter is looking busy.  I’ll outline the new music we’re working on.

Katy LindhartUntitled.  Katy is a friend of mine and up-and-coming opera singer.  She burned me a disc of my favorite material from her recitals over the past two years, and we’re going to release nine art songs; three by Clara Schumann and six by Debussy.  Art songs occupy sonic territory that’s entirely new to MFR, and I can’t wait to bring you Katy’s work for its’ own sake, and also because this kind of music has been such a part of my life since moving to Kansas City.  I’m going to master the songs and have it out ASAP.

The CombineUntitled EP.  I’m mastering Nick and Lane’s hip-hop project, and we’re also in fruitful talks about putting out an EP on MFR that combines a couple exclusive tracks with a few songs from their record.  Again, new sounds and new friends; this is what MFR is supposed to be!

Robot, Creep Closer! Untitled EP.  The crew has recorded a four-track goodbye that we anticipate will be released on MFR.

Mr. Furious RecordsXMAS and Sally RideYou Have To Wear the Boots.  I hope to have year three of XMAS out immediately after Thanksgiving and Boots at New Year’s.  I’ve been talking with Scott Morris, who’s cruising the Carribean playing jazz on a boat, about how to involve him in XMAS once again.

My priority in 2008 will finally be Ventura, my record of colorful acoustic pop and the mainstay of my current live sets, along with constant effort on Five Star Crush. -howie