We Were Five Star Crush

Maybe we still are.  But that’s what Joel told the crowd about nine hours ago at The Brick as we closed down “Under Spinning Lights.”

He’s moving to Atlanta to take care of family, most like.  Most of you don’t know Joel, but he  has probably spent more time than any of us taking care of family.  Maybe not always his first choice of what he’d like to do, but he’s done it, and that’s truest love in my book.

I’m a little broken.  I’ve been getting my hopes up about the way we were starting to move our sound, a way that could fulfill all three of us.  We’ll try recording and sending tracks back and forth on the interwebs.

For what it’s worth, the whole process, and Joel’s move, have my blessing and support.  The three of us are in complex situations, each balancing more possibilities than can be realized and aware of both the transience and significance of being the pop band we are.  Two waves of change and a tsunami; as we each surf our way through what’s upon us, it’s going to take some grace and some acceptance and we don’t know how this ride ends, what it looks like, or when the next one starts.  -h

One thought on “We Were Five Star Crush”

  1. Dude, I’m sorry buddy. Broke-up bands are a bummer! But you will still find something sexy to do. It sounds like “50 Bears…” is a good lead, and now that you know more musicians in KC, you can get something hot hot hot going!

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