Nov/Dec Project Update

XMAS – It will be ready, in one week; same bat-time, same bat-channel. My new original song, “Snow is a Bear,” is nearly mixed and sounding pretty good. It’s nice to hear the sound quality and production improve from 2005. Not that I’m down on that stuff; but I’m happy for concrete evidence I’m not in aesthetic stasis. Cory may also have a new song – TBD.

5*C – I’ve started mastering for a new CD release that will combine our two EPs, and maybe another track or two. The Red EP has been criminally underheard; our own fault. But we aim to correct it in big way. We have also received our original sessions and stem mixes from Westend Studios, and we’ll be experimenting with re-recording some parts of songs (keys/guitars), without any expectations for what the results will be. At the very least, the new disc will bring together the original mixes from Sleepless Nights and Red, and that will be fantastic in itself. Anything more is pure frosting.

The Combine – Two more hours in the lab will knock out mastering on The Combine’s debut, and its banging. The guys are in the planning stages for a CD release. MFR will release an EP from the Combine simultaneously with their album; the EP will contain 2-3 album tracks and 2-3 exclusive songs. We are very excited to add The Combine’s considerable talent, and their status as our first hip-hop artist, to the MFR catalog.

I’m also writing/demo-ing a new record. It might be done before Boots, depending on the Boots cast. I don’t know what band-umbrella it’s going to fall under.

See my recipe for Sweet and Sour Winter Veggie Soup, as promised, below!  Fury gots to eat.