Site Requirements and the Weekend

In order to display correctly, you’ll need to have Firefox or update to Internet Explorer 7.  I’m still planning to update some of the deeper content soon. is apparently defunct, and that was my plan for the howie-comp.  I’m pondering backup plans.

Around the web, NPR is streaming some great stuff from this week’s SXSW conference.

I picked up tickets to shows in the next couple weeks by Mike Doughty and SPOON.

The longer I’ve thought about pay-what-you-want, the less I like it.  I’ve been thinking about doing some merch via CafePress.  Then I discovered they do CDs, too.

50 Bears are meeting with a potential singer on Tuesday.

And 5*Joel is unexpectedly back in KC for the mid- to long-term.  I haven’t seen him yet, but will soon.