New Site, Saturday Update

I think the new site looks good enough to launch, so here it is for good.  Leave a comment or email mr (at) if you encounter technical/aesthetic difficulties.

Since this took all morning, I don’t know how the rest of the day is going to play out.  I’d like to finish & sign off on my mastering for Pat Bradley’s record, and I’m kind of itching to lay decent scratch vocal tracks on the “There is Something and not nothing” material and burn discs for Matt and I to listen to.  We’ll see about that.

6 thoughts on “New Site, Saturday Update”

  1. Looks like the right sidebar is not displaying correctly in IE. I’ll work on that. We’re also losing some text in the left sidebar behind the cover image of the “Latest Release.” That kind of befuddles me, but I’ll hit it too.

    I also want to update the MR|mix popup.

    I got “Something” done, but plan to wrap up Pat’s record later this afternoon. Fingers duly crossed. -h

  2. Oh yeah, and the “Name/email/website” text in comments is displaying in very-hard-to-read-black. -h

  3. Check: lost “latest release” text, CSS validation, and comment-box labels.

    – Pat Bradley
    – MR|mix popup
    – right sidebar in IE
    – HTML validation

  4. Check: XHTML validation, Pat Bradley

    With everything validated, I’m not sure what I’ll be able to do for IE users except tell them to get Firefox.

    -MR|Mix popup
    -Artist & About pages update

  5. Jill has confirmed that the sidebar layout works in IE7, so Internet Explorer users – please update if you haven’t already. (Or just get Firefox.) Thanks, Jill!


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