Songs of -h

MFR024-300-SongsofhCDcircle.jpg“Songs of -h” is a limited edition CD compilation of howie’s best music, selected with the help of MFR listeners. There are 100 copies, and this release will not be distributed digitally.

The compilation features three exclusive tracks:

  • A new acoustic recording of “Major & Minor,” made especially for “Songs of -h”
  • “Stop Walking (live),” an unreleased cut from howie&scott’s “Summer’s End” sessions
  • “Set You Ablaze” from Lone Prairie Records’ “Killers in the Nebraska Territory” compilation, never before available on Mr. Furious Records

In addition to the following tracks, “Songs of -h” comes in a handmade oragami case and includes two pages of liner notes from howie. All copies are hand-numbered and signed.

The material comes from howie’s MFR output including releases by Sally Ride, echoes, and howie&scott.

Contact howie via private message on this site if you need anything.  Replies can take several days; I apologize in advance.

Thanks for your support. -h

1- Snow is a Bear
2- J. Cougar Mellensong
3- Coast & Plains
4- New Slow Sea
5- What U Do 2 Me
6- Open Columns (acoustic)
7- Tired Chords (live)
8- Stop Walking (live)
9- Major & Minor (acoustic)
10- Set You Ablaze
11- Back in the Fire
12- The Picture Song
13- America Votes 2032
14- The Last Song