Project Update

  1. Songs of -h.  Tim and Jill are helping print & fold the oragami cases and liner notes today.  Make sure to come by 700 E 110th St. next Saturday, April 19, between 10 AM and 4 PM to hear howie&scott rocking out!
  2. I’ve finished vocals for 8 out of 10 “There is Something and not nothing” vocals!!!111  Matt has come over twice to work on drum parts, we have ideas for what he wants to do on most of the songs.  Closer and closer – I’m super-pumped to get this record OUT.
  3. No 5*C action yet, but we have a plan.  I’m anxious to hear what Joel’s been up to.
  4. Fifty Bears haven’t practiced in a while due to schedule-y stuff…  but Tim in Lincoln (of Rent Money Big fame) has recorded vocal ideas over all of our nine demo’d jams, and his stuff is sounding rad.  We’re going to have him down to KC soon to jam with us and talk about the logistics of living three hours apart.  If it’s possible, it’s easier with the vocalist being separate and being able to work back and forth with me in ProTools.
  5. -h