The Sleepover Profiled in GroundZero

Cory, Tucci, Brock, and Sarah’s band The Sleepover was profiled in this weekend’s GroundZero entertainment section of the Lincoln Journal-Star.

Way to go, kids!

“I think it (The Sleepover) kind of sits in between Shacker and Robot. We have songs that are more driven and aggressive and then we have other songs that are really mellow and just really beautiful,” Tucci said. “I think we have a nice, full sound compared to some of the other bands that Cory and I have been in, where it’s been kind of lopsided sometimes.”

The Sleepover’s sound is a little bit pop and definitely rock, but there’s something about it that blends the two together in an obvious way, but not so obvious that you can give it a name.

“I like to be a little bit edgy. Not Prince edgy, but you know what I mean,” Kibler said.

They play Sunday night at Box Awesome, 815 “O” St., Lincoln NE, 18+, $5.

MFR will post their song “Built For It’ to Furious Instance… soon.

7 thoughts on “The Sleepover Profiled in GroundZero”

  1. This is going to sound dumb, but my favorite part of this post is how GOOD it looks, visually. It’s just very appealing to the eye. This website is sleeker than heck! You’ve done a great job of designing this sucker.

    Oh yeah, and buy “Songs of H” and also go to The Sleepover’s show!

  2. Yep! It’s at 9 pm or probably 9:30, at Box Awesome, and it will be a fun time. It’s a PJ party so bring your PJs! And the other bands rule. Yes!

    I hope to see you there, Jake!

  3. Freshman year of Doane, Cory came to my house for Thanksgiving break and I saw him in his PJs*!



    I’ve loved him ever since.

  4. I am SO GLAD you didn’t let it go at the asterisk. That was probably the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever done in my life. What the eff was I thinking? What on Earth kind of person was/am I? Who hangs out in other people’s kitchen in their underwear?

    I love you too, buddy. Also, the show went swimmingly. It was, as the kids say, “completely off the hook.”

    Next stop: SLOWDOWN JR!!!!

  5. Someday when The Sleepover is headlining Coachella, I want you to text me from the stage mid-set to say “The show is going swimmingly!”

    I have to say, when I hang out in your sister’s pantry in my shorts, she doesn’t take it nearly as well as I did.

  6. Yeah, Chelsea’s such a bummer! “Put down my money! Don’t eat that; it’s made of plastic!” BO-RING. She’s a buzzkill of the first order. I approve of your pantry-shorts, and that’s all that matters.

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