NEW! Furious Instance

I just posted The Sleepover’s “Built For It,” from their obnoxiously long-titled EP, below as our twelfth “Furious Instance.”  We should do more of those, it’s a good idea; a home for all the stuff that doesn’t have a home on a proper release.

(The streaming version is also up-to-date)  -h

5 thoughts on “NEW! Furious Instance”

  1. Any chance of an album on here, or is there going to be a physical copy of it?

  2. By the way,

    Cory, I think that song is terrific! My new favorite right behind “Prove It” Can’t wait to hear the rest.

  3. Howie, sorry for the long title- We’re trying out the whole “Fall Out Boy” approach to song/record titling. Just be thankful we didn’t go full-on Sufjan Stevens on you :)

    Jake- thank you so much for your kind words about the song. I think we’re going to start recording our record sometime in June, and we should have it all done maybe by the end of July. It could be earlier or later, depending on folks’ schedules. I believe it will be a hard-copy, but for you, I make the price much lower, eh?

  4. Cory, that sounds like a deal with the cd. Sorry I missed the show, but finals are just killing me. If you have any others this summer post them up here, because I’d love to check one out. Jeremy and I haven’t been to a local show in awhile, so it’ll be fun to check one out. Good luck with recording.

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