5*C with The Bravery Wednesday Night in KC and Project Update

Late-breaking news, guys; Five Star Crush will be opening for The Bravery this Wednesday night in Kansas City at the Power & Light District – a FREE SHOW, and we’ll probably play our set around 8 pm.
In other news we heard from Nate (Bike) this week.  A Bike song is featured in the film “Out On The Dance Floor,” which was edited by our friend Mike Laan.  Congratulations, Nate!  He also mentioned he’s working on music again, and I’m mega-looking-forward to hearing it.

I played drums with The Sleepover last weekend at the Slowdown in Omaha, and we had a riot.  I hope it’s not the last time I get to rock with Cory, Jamie, and Sarah.   We’re talking about how to get their record made, and what role I might be able to play in that.
“There is Something and not nothing” – No news.  Matt and I need to track the remaining drums (4 songs, I think) and then I need to edit drums and mix/master.  Artwork for the CafePress version is almost done and looking great.

“Songs of -h” – Thanks to everyone who gave a gift to St. Peter’s 2008 house-building mission trip and received “Songs of -h.”  I still have about 25 copies available; feel free to contact me in the comments.  I will send all future gifts to our partner organization in Tijuana, AMOR, to help them continue serving local families.  Photos of the trip are here.

Fifty Bears in a Fight continues steadily, but slower than we’d like.  Tim is in Lincoln working on recording the second draft of vocals for the first batch of eight songs.  In KC Matt, Drew, and I have four new jams ready to demo and two or three more that just need a bit of polishing, plus a ton of ideas.  We practiced together for the first time in nearly a month this week, and it was hard to believe how easily we found our groove and started tearing stuff up.  When we get this Fight off the ground, we’re going to melt faces.