What if…

…you made hip-hop beats at a faster-than-usual 130-135 BPM?

And then sang new wave vocals over that?

As of today I have a new Mac mini, including GarageBand, and I intend to find out.  I’m telling you because maybe you will take this idea and do something awesome with it, and I could feel good about that, too.

In related news, I got a 160 Gb iPod as well; I’ll keep you posted on its impact on my listening habits.  Right now I mostly listen to full albums on CD and don’t skip tracks, and I don’t make mix CDs.  -h

7 thoughts on “What if…”

  1. An iPod? Wowie Howie, welcome to the aughts! Just kidding. I have a 15 gig second generation iPod still. So call me Mr. 2002.

  2. My iPhone is only 8 gigs…I feel a twang of jealousy.

    Actually, I mostly use my iPhone as iPod for music while driving or listening to NPR podcasts. I just use my computer for music at home.

    But I can totally dig on listening to whole albums. I get aggravated when my wife puts one of my playlists on random…

  3. Dood, that *would* be aggravating if you’ve laid out a particular order, to hear the same songs in a different order.


    50B practice 2nite! I am SOOOO itching to play a shewwww!!!!!!!! -h

  4. I just bought a macbook pro a few days ago too and got an 8 gig ipod touch. they are ridiculously fun. I have done so much recording with garageband that it isn’t even funny. are you guys playing in the Lincoln/Omaha area anytime soon?

  5. OK, well, the short short version was I need your mailing address so I can send you a wedding invitation.

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