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I’ve been listening to lots of new stuff lately.  New albums by Kylesa, and Tombs; rock.  The new Gomez record is a lot better than Pitchfork led me to anticipate.  Mastodon’s “Crack the Skye” was a bit disappointing the first time through.  I finally heard Juvelen’s whole 2008 album, and cherry-picking three or four songs from iTunes is going to be sufficient there.
Studio work resumes today from a couple weeks’ break, with stitching together Fifty Bears’ rhythm tracks and tracking my guitar where necessary. -h

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  1. Hey Howie, what’s up? Haven’t talk to you in awhile. I wanted to ask your opinion about some music I was introduced to by this movie that I like. I haven’t heard of most of the bands/musicians before and I guess since you know music so well maybe you know of them. So I guess I respect your musical opinion. Here is a list of them, let me know if you know them and if you have what you think.

    Paramore (this one I am more sure you know), Iron and Wine, Muse, Mute Math, Blue Foundation and then The Black Ghosts.

    Thanks in advance Howie.

  2. Hey Howie! Haven’t been on your site in a while. I enjoyed your last few posts. Your review of “No Line” was great and much agreed with. I miss hearing your musical opinion and being influenced by your sweet ivory tapping.

  3. Word, all! I miss you both.

    Mel, since you listed a bunch of bands, my honest & brief thoughts…

    Paramore – If you like them, I think Fall Out Boy does what they do a lot better; by that I mean more extreme in every direction. My experience is limited, though.

    Iron & Wine – Don’t have a lot of Sam’s stuff, just some scattered tracks off samplers, which are really solid but I’ve yet to understand what the full indie-fuss is about.

    Muse – Haven’t heard anything outside of “Absolution,” which is pretty great.

    Mute Math – Their self-titled one is a good spin (actually, Danny introduced me to this band! Serendipitous!), and the best songs sound like the Police updated for the ’00s.

    Blue Foundation and The Black Ghosts, I’ve never even heard of. Tell us about them!


  4. Ya Howie I miss you too. I miss all the concerts that you and scott did, plus the concerts we had gone to together. I can’t even remember the one Max took us to. All I remember is that I was sick.
    Paramore – I think my draw is just that you don’t find many girl leads out there and I kind of dig her voice.
    Iron & Wine – The guy kind of freaks me out I guess, but the song Flightless Bird, American Mouth gives me the chills with his falsetto.
    Muse – I’ve only heard one song with long title but it was pretty cool.
    Mute Math – I would agree about their sound.
    As for Blue Foundation and The Black Ghosts, I think the later is actually just coming out with their first album so they are pretty new. But either of them I haven’t heard a whole lot of. Blue Foundation has a girl lead, but the guys sing a lot too but their sound isn’t like punk or like evanescence type stuff. They consider themselves to be indie/alternative/electronica. I’m not sure what I would compare them too. The song I’ve listened to the most is Eyes on Fire, which is kind of haunting. The Black Ghosts consider themselves Electro/Pop but the song I have heard the most from them Full Moon isn’t overly either one of those. Both of these bands are European. They both have myspace pages with some of their music, maybe check them out and let me know what you think.

  5. Just a quick bit of advice on Mute Math. If you can find their release “Reset EP” pick it up. It is a the release I enjoy a bit more. A few tracks made it on the second release of their self-titled debut (Plan B, Control, Reset) and the other tracks are just as good. A bit more of a reggae feel, along with The Police feel. Check Amazon for it. They played at Knickerbockers a few years ago for maybe 100 people. They are KILLER live!

  6. I’m with Jake on Mute Math live; I haven’t seen *them,* but Danny’s introduction of them to me was a live DVD that was pretty amazing.

    Blue Foundation – Found some songs on Skreemr.com, including “Eyes on Fire,” which displays a lot of patience and I like that. “Embers,” too. Since you’re into this, I strongly suggest you check out the new Bat For Lashes album, which is *stellar.* Or at least the opener, “Glass.” Wow.

    The Black Ghosts – Fun indie dance electro stuff. I found “Any Way You Choose To Give It,” and some remixes, and downloaded those, thanks!


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