May Milestone

On Friday I finished* tracking guitars for Fifty Bears in a Fight.  It’s a solid milestone in terms of recording, one of which I haven’t had for a while.

We recorded my guitars direct to ProTools to re-amplify later; we’ll hook the computer up to my amp, and maybe other amps, play the tracks back through them and record *that.*  This gives us a lot of flexibility in finding the perfect tone, and also lets us isolate the drums and guitars given my limited space and mics.

Next steps include re-amping my guitars, recording vocals, recording Drew’s guitars and other assorted Rudebusch-wackiness, mixing, mastering, and figuring out how we want to release this.

*We have one song to re-record drums on, scheduled for Monday night.  It’s an easier one for me, as far as my riffs go.  After that I’ll be working with Matt to finish up “Not Nothing,” which will let him take his gear home so I can set up my own drums and finish “You Have To Wear the Boots.”