Songwriter Power Rangers

swpr 511 copy small.jpgCory and Ember’s Songwriter Power Ranger Series was written up in the Journal-Star this week; congrats!

From Cory:

Hello, all of you:

Recently, my friend Ember and I have been working with Famous Local Music Venue Box Awesome in order to book a songwriter showcase series called Songwriter Power Ranger. The idea is that the Lincoln area has many, many great singer-songwriter types, but for whatever reason, not many of them get a proper amount of exposure. With this series, we want to rally many of these songwriters together in order to create a more cohesive songwriter scene.

The series will run through May and June (and possibly beyond), and it will take place every Monday night at Box Awesome (8th and “O”) from 6 to 9 pm. This is ideal, as many of us are old and don’t like to be out late on school nights. We figured that Monday early evening is a good night to have this, as there’s not much else going on, and so you can swing by after work, have a beer, and hear some of the best acoustic-ish acts that Lincoln has to offer for a mere $4.

The full schedule for May is below, and the kick-off show for this series will be Monday, May 4th, at 6 pm (at Box Awesome, of course; flier is attached). This first show will feature Son of 76, Manny Coon, and Cory Kibler (meh heh heh meh). Most of you have heard my stuff (, but if you haven’t heard Manny ( or Son of 76 (, do yourself a favor and check them out. I’ll send out the flier for each show as they sneak up on us, so that I can remind you people… We really want to make this series a success, and because of the caliber of acts we’ve booked, we know that it will be. We really hope to see you at the first show and every other show afterwards. Tell your friends and family! Google these artists! Pressure your co-workers! Whatever it takes. Hope to see you there! Sincerely, Cory Kibler (and Ember Schrag and Box Awesome). Schedule for May below:


  • Josh Hoyer (Son of 76)
  • Cory Kibler (The Sleepover)
  • Manny Coon


  • Kacynna Tompsett (Thunder Power)
  • Patrick Bradley (The Amalgamators)
  • Emma Nelson (Kaycee and the Captain)


  • Ember Schrag
  • Nick Westra (Crush the Clown)
  • Natalie Illeana


  • Rebecca McPherson (Starla Dear)
  • Gene Hogan (Loup River Band)
  • Meesch (formerly of Standard Models)