Not Nothing Recorded

Matt just left.  We finished recording what will be Sally Ride’s third album, “There is Something and not nothing,” tonight.

It will be two years in the making by the time it’s mixed and mastered, and it’s semi-odd that it will be my third because it’s really the fifth SR record written, after “Ventura” and “You Have To Wear The Boots.”

Thanks for your patience.  Thank Matt for being a good man, a great friend, and an incredible drummer.

Tearing down gear that’s been set up for a while is always a bittersweet feeling.  (Two of Matt’s drum kits have graced my bedroom and sitting room for… more than a year.)  I love the recording process and experience so much, it’s hard to let go of a part of it and know that what we’ve done will stand in flawed glory as witness to a given time.  But it has to give way if we’re going to get anything released, which is the purpose of the whole exercise.  It’s a whole mini-loss; death and rebirth.  Makes me sentimental; I’ve got to move on.


Last night’s solo show with Church was a blast.  Thanks to Church, Chelsea, Cari Ann, Tim, Jill, B, Sarah, Micki, Roy, Doc J, Dave, and Peggy for their parts and for listening to mine.  I should do this more – probably won’t, until I’m not writing/recording so much – but should.

The setlist: 1 Coast & Plains – 2 Cooky – 3 While I Was Moving About Flyover Country – 4 Green Christine – 5 Open Columns – 6 Iron Horse – 7 Set You Ablaze – 8 Holy Moses – 9 Out – 10 Were In Love – 11 Lost