Shows with Church This Weekend & Next Week

Separately, Cory and I will be playing shows with Portland, OR band Church ( ) in the next few days:

Sunday, May 31 – Lincoln, NE

Duffy’s Tavern (map) – 9 PM

Church, The Sleepover (Cory), and The Ocean Floor


Wednesday, June 3 – Kansas City, MO
Davey’s Uptown (map) – 9 PM

Church, Sally Ride (howie)

Thanks to Chelsea Kibler for helping set this up!

I’ll be playing a set of tunes from Sally Ride records, most of which haven’t been recorded :-)  “Lost” and “Cooky” from Furious Instance, “Coast & Plans” and “While I Was Moving About Flyover Country” from Ventura, and some other, both older and newer, stuff.

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  1. Excecy has a point. Also, Church f*cking SLAYS. Buy their new album, “Song Force Crystal,” when it comes out in stores!

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