Keep Believing, Bros

Assorted Believe The Honesty, Bro-related points:

  • Lincoln Journal-Star review – “The Sleepover’s new release sounds great”  (Ha!)
  • review – “The jangling guitar work on ‘In Circles’ and at moments during other songs reminds me of early Beat Happening.”  (I guess I’ll have to listen to Beat Happening)
  • Blackbeard’s cannon recovered from the bottom of the sea (Hat tip to Cory)
  • Thanks to all who came to the EP release at the Bourbon in Lincoln last weekend.  It was a great show for us: lots of funny Cory stories, we played pretty well (and got to dig a little deep into the catalog), I had a Hopaluia, and it was straight-up fun.
  • Next show: January 21, 2012, at The Slowdown in Omaha, NE
  • Chelsea shot some video at the Bourbon!  See below: