Blogging has been light as we anticipate the digital release of the new Strawberry Burns album, but we’ve been pretty busy making music, too.

  • Dark Satellites has one more show in this run, next Friday in Omaha, and then probably a break until late March.  Drew is picking away at recording new stuff, song-by-song.
  • Mars Lights – Drew’s main guitar tracks were finished in December, and now all of my bass and guitar is done, as of a couple nights ago.  We’re moving on to vocals, and a few more guitar overdubs for Drew on my songs.  Perhaps a fall release for the LP?  Plus, he’ll get Side 3 mixed before then.  I’ve written three or four new Mars Lights ideas lately, too.
  • Sally Ride – Ventura is on pause while the mic I need for acoustic guitars is occupied by the Mars Lights sessions.  I’ve written some more doom riffs for the doom experiment, and I’m tracking bass at home for an EP that will be sort of unofficial (but anyone who wants to will be able to hear it).
  • Cory’s done guitars for his next solo joint, and will be doing vocals soon.  (He might be doing them right now.  I forget when that was planned to happen.)  Then he’ll send those to me to mix back into the main sessions, and I’ll record bass and background vocals.

That’s the bulk of it, though I’m sure I’m forgetting odds and ends.  I’m rrrrrrrl excited for Mars Lights, especially.  -h