Carriage House Recordings

As Drew and I finally finish Mars Lights’ Side 3, I’ve been thinking about those sessions (back in Feb-Aug 2009!) and all the recordings we made in my old carriage house.  Here’s what I can remember (and a few photos of the drums downstairs from July-Aug 2012):

  • Mars Lights Sides 1, 2, and 3 (except a couple of guitar overdubs done in Drew’s basement) and in-progress LP drums
  • Sally Ride – All of There is Something and not nothing, and all of the overdubs for You Have To Wear The Boots (i.e. everything but my main guitar and vocal tracks)
  • “Snow is a Bear,” from XMAS
  • More mixes and masters (2012 Are Here, Believe The Honesty Bro, Making Up The Truth, White Air, The Sleepover EP) than I could count
  • Drums for Cory’s upcoming LP
  • Drums for my upcoming Ventura and semi-secret EP
  • The original cast soundtrack recording for Khan! the Musical
  • My overdubs for Cory’s The Silent Woods