Ventura Drum Photos

Some photos of my living space in its current state are below.  Ventura drums are done :-) and I’m starting on drum tracks for Cory’s new solo record today.

  • The EV RE320 on the kick is a major winner.  It sounded amazing straightaway, and I’d recommend it to anyone looking for a good kick sound.  I started with its EQ switch in the flat position and the mic about a foot off the drum, and ended up flipping the EQ to the “kick” curve and moving the mic closer.  It does capture a fair amount of bleed from the rest of the kit, so I’m pretty sure I’ll end up using a low pass EQ on it for mixing.
  • I like the Sennheiser e609 better on the snare than the classic 57, so it gets a huge thumbs-up, too.
  • I expected more room sound from my high-ceilinged, marble tile-floored downstairs, but it’s working OK.  It’s just made less of a difference than I thought it would.  I struggled for a couple days last weekend to get the snare sounding good through both the close and room mics, and ended up moving the overhead mic closer to the kit than I started with in order to put a good combination of sounds together.  A far room mic would be a nice addition, but would be barely noticeable in the mix; just a tiny touch of extra frosting on the cake.
  • As discussed previously, I have two gold sparkle Slingerland marching snares, now nicknamed the Freak (14″) and the Beast (15″).  I started with the Beast, and liked its close mic-d sound better, and it sounded great to my ears in the room, but the overhead mic didn’t like it, for some reason.  So I’ve ended up using the Beast for the record.  I think I’ll still carry the Freak to shows, though.