Mars Lights Side 3 Release

It’s out, and that brings about a nearly six-year chapter in our music to a close.

In late 2007, Matt and I were working on some new Five Star Crush demos, and found ourselves experimenting with some blown-out bluesy punk rock stuff during our down time.  We wanted a third member, Cory told us Drew was in the area and re-introduced us, and what eventually became Mars Lights formed.

We started recording the Sides in February 2009, and have been working on them ever since.  The last overdubs were done just a couple months ago; the Side 3 final mixes were made a week ago.

We’ve done other things, too.  Drew and I are 85% of the way through tracking an album as a duo.  He learned to play drums and record everything, turning Dark Satellites into an album, and then a full band.  Matt joined In Back Of A Black Car, and is having some other post-rock adventures we hope to hear more from.  I put a couple records out myself, mastered some others, and generally attempted to be a shark (keep moving), if a slow one.

As exciting as it is to share Side 3 with you, my strongest feeling right now is freedom.  We learned so much through this project – about writing, recording, playing, gear, mixing, mastering, communicating, design, and more – and that’s already reflected in the LP that’s under way, and will be even more in the projects that follow after.  It feels great to have reached this milestone, knowing some of the good stuff that’s on the road ahead (and not knowing some as well).

I hope you really enjoy Side 3, and all of the Sides.  Rock out.  Nod your head.  Air guitar/drum.  Be overcome.  Or just press play and make dinner.