Time is Now a Factor and Side 3

After all of my careful option-weighing and gear-lusting, I found a great deal on an Eventide Timefactor delay this week on Craigslist and just did it.

I started to dig into it last night, and already have fresh ideas for how to use it live. I’ll test it out on an old Mars Lights song for vocals this week.

The best thing about it is the dual delays, and the way they interact; they make the echoing so much more musical and unpredictable than single repeats.

Separately, Drew’s given me the final, final Side 3 mixes, and we took the cover photo a few nights ago, so that will be out in a week or two with four new songs, his mixing touch, probably our best production to date, and probably both our weirdest and catchiest material (separate songs :-) from the Sides.