Ventura Lead Tone

I’m halfway through recording lead guitars for Ventura, and hoping to finish, or get close, this long weekend.

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100

The tone is:

  • Epi ES 345 bridge pickup into
  • Fulltone GT 500 boost/OD channel, flat EQ, drive dimed, volume/boost at 2 o’clock into
  • The old Hot Rod Deluxe clean channel, set for the magic sixes, no reverb, into
  • Sennheiser e609, 45 degrees off-axis, pointed at the center of the speaker cone (marked on the grille in duct tape), probably 3-4 inches from the cone center

I’m using the distortion channel of the GT 500 for a bass boost in a couple spots, and I’m using the Apocalypse pictured for one riff in “…Flyover Country.”  The TimeFactor might find use as an auto-wah for bits of “Market Stress.”

Since the 345 runs in stereo, I’m taking the neck pickup’s output and recording it directly into ProTools via an ART preamp, and will re-amp it later through the same pedals and amp settings, except with the reverb up high.  I’ll mix that in, and am going to experiment with pre-delaying that wet signal a bit; might be kind of interesting with the tone of the amp’s own reverb, but the clarity of a little pre-delay.

I’m not sure if this tone will work for “E Harbor Blvd,” so I may try something different – a bit more distorted – there.

Mars Lights Replay Show Review at I <3 Local Music

Big thanks to Fally at I Heart Local Music for rocking out and taking some video and photos last Friday night at the Replay in Lawrence. Photos and review at the post, but here’s the video of “Stars Above,” a new jam.

Sound guy politely suggested our amps were too loud, so blame us for the buried vocals. Drew loved that, and will probably be louder next time because of it, so that’s one reason we love him.

The Killers Ask For a Kick in the Pants

Beyond the hits CD — and Christmas In LA, the Killers’ eighth festive charity single — the band will take a breather. Brandon is working on a solo album, but he assures me that he will return to the group when the time is right.

“This is the end of something,” he says. “Maybe we have become too comfortable. I’ll do my solo stuff and then come back to give The Killers a kick in the pants.”

Interview by Adrian Thrills at The Daily Mail

Two words; Steve Albini.

The Killers are a fantastic live band.  Their hits shake stadiums, and even their deep cuts, which can be weak on record, sound great and earn a response.  They have never made an album that captures that energy; the band has made good albums, but they haven’t maxed out their potential.

Steve Albini tends to record bands live, all at once.  His straightforward approach pushes bands to write and play their best.  He’s a kick in the pants, embodied.

(Wouldn’t this be worth it just to hear Ronnie as recorded by Steve Albini, if nothing else?  Even if the songs weren’t good?  Yes is the correct answer.)

I’d love to hear a lean, raw, aggressive Killers album.  Let the rhythm section wail, lots of guitars, only the keys that Brandon can play while singing, minimal overdubs.  I want to hear the Killers album that Drew could appreciate.  I think they have it in them.

Killers & Albini in 2014!  USA!  USA!