Fugazi Live Series Lincoln Arrives

FLS0992_Gavin-JensenI saw Fugazi in Lincoln on April 17th, 2001 – great show! – so since the band announced the live series a little over two years ago, I’ve had a browser tab open on that show’s page, waiting for it to go live.  (I even scanned and submitted my ticket stub, which you can see if you click on the poster, then click “Next.”)  A couple of weeks ago, it finally did.

Was it worth the wait?  I knew it would be.  It didn’t bring back specific memories of particular moments, like some of my bootlegs do, but it’s a blast to listen to.  Listening reinforces the image in my mind of standing in the middle of the crowd, the band on stage in the wide room with the low-ceiling, Guy’s SG, the tendons in Ian’s neck, and how happy I was not to have to worry about any moshing.

I had only been checking the page every few months, and even had done so in early January, but checked back again the other week after a conversation with my colleague Julie.  She’d asked what Mars Lights sounded like and I cited Fugazi and the Stooges as major reference points.  She turned out to be a Fugazi fan who had seen several KC-area shows, so I told her about the Live Series, we looked up her shows (one of which is available), I checked back on mine, and – ! – there it was.

Did you see Fugazi?  Is your show up on the Live Series, and if so, have you checked it out?