Free Music from Your Library

Did you know that both of my library systems, the Kansas City Public LIbrary and the Mid-Continent Public LIbrary, provide access to a music streaming and download service called Freegal?  Your local library may, too, or subscribe to a similar service.

Freegal lets users download up to five DRM-free songs per week, so as a patron (and taxpayer) in both systems, I can just about get a free album every week.  Not bad.  It seems like the Freegal library focuses on more recent releases, and only from specific record labels, but I’ve found plenty of music I wanted: Nine Inch Nails, The Twilight Singers, Phoenix, High on Fire, and Baroness, just for a few examples.  All I need is my library card number and PIN.

I’m sure services like these came about in response to Napster and piracy in general.  Does anyone know if they have a measurable effect in reducing piracy?

Log in to Freegal with your KC Public Library card / Log in to Freegal with your Mid-Continent Public Library card

Check your library’s website for details.