Buncha Upcoming Mars Lights & Dark Satellits Shows

2016 July 9, Saturday – Dark Satellites at Barley Street Tavern, Omaha NE, with Lodgings, Sweats, and Relax It’s Science. 7 PM doors, 9 PM show, probably 21+, $5.

2016 July 15, Friday – Mars Lights at Boobie Trap Bar (program note; not a strip club), Topeka KS

2016 July 16, Saturday – Mars Lights at Records With Merritt, Kansas City MO, with Red Cities and Bogusman.  Maybe 8 PM show?  Free! (buy records!)

2016 July 21, Thursday – Dark Satellites at Replay Lounge, Lawrence KS, with Varma Cross and Candace.  10 PM show, ? ages, $3

ON HOLD FOR CONFIRMATION as of 8 July: 2016 August 12, Friday – Dark Satellites at Replay Lounge, Lawrence KS, with Universe Contest.  10 PM show, ? ages, ? $

Falcon vs. Falcon Heavy

Here’s a comparison video showing the MOSFET (Falcon) vs. silicon (Falcon Heavy) clipping and low-mid (Falcon) vs. Russian Muff mid (Falcon Heavy) cuts on guitar.

What I didn’t show, and should have, his the higher gain range on the Falcon Heavy’s silicon setting. In the first comparison the Falcon’s drive is dimed, while the Heavy’s drive (out of the picture) is at maybe 65-70%.

This is to help guitarists who want one to choose between the Falcon and Falcon Heavy. I recommend the Heavy for bassists, *unless* you’re going to leave the pedal on all the time; in that case I could see a bassist going for a Falcon, especially for a more vintage sound.

Falcon Drive Demo

Domain forwarding for mrfuriousaudio.com is pending, so ignore that for the next 24 hours or so.

Sorry again about my dumb socks.

Happy Belated 50th Sparks


I had a head off of my gold sparkle kit last night preparing for the Dark Satellites show, and saw the stamp marking it manufactured in February 1966.  So, happy belated 50th birthday to my drums.