Subject: Re: Morning buddy

Scott found the email where I first pitched resuming h&s and working on what became V for Voice. The Mars Lights EP mentioned is Only Bang Is Bang. Here’s the email exchange.

On Mon, Oct 20, 2014 at 9:38 AM, howie wrote:

Just checking in. How’s school / home?

I’ve been on a writing kick… picking away at demos for the next Sally Ride joint and Sneaky Sneaky Snakes… had a wild hair to listen to the set of demos I’ve kind of set aside for us this morning, and they’re sounding pretty good to me. They’re mostly instrumental, a few have vocal concepts laid down but not lyrics or anything.

IDK, I guess – what’s your capacity for a full-on collaboration, with no deadline? We’d figure out arrangements and instrumentation together. I’m imagining you’d bring everything you’ve got – sax, percussion, Sleepover-style key leads and textures, your Hush/mr|ten-style key textures – I’ll bring everything I’ve ever done, and we’ll slowly pick away at a spacy, jazzy, art-rock record.

I think I’ve mentioned it in the abstract to you before, but for some reason this morning it’s all just seeming more real and possible. I’m realizing that the demos won’t be as hard to finish as I might have thought, given my success writing some other stuff and figuring out a more regular writing process. And maybe with your new job and settling in to it, you have an idea of how interested you are. And I mean, this will probably take a couple or three years, and I’m OK with that, I’m just excited about the end product. For us and the people who care, I think we have an incredibly cool record in us.

Everything’s alright here, work’s fine, CA got a new job at KU about a month ago so she’s commuting (sort of bummer) but she loves the job (awesome). Mars Lights mixes our new EP at a pro studio here in town on Sunday (we recorded at home).


On Nov 5, 2014 at 9:05 PM, Scott wrote:

a RESOUNDING YES to all sentences stated above. I am super pumped about this idea, and would really enjoy the project. I look forward to more ideas/brainstorms/music etc.!!! hope to catch up soon! -SM