The Setlist

Here’s my setlist, same for Lawrence and Crete. Most of the notes are guitar-related – which pickup, which effects – with a few arrangement notes.

Gabe / Staircase / I Would is the key transition, gear-wise. Everything before Gabe is in standard tuning, with my 6th and 5th strings running to the octave down amp. I Would and after is drop D (really drop C#, we tuned a half-step down) and only the 6th string running the octave down.

Gabe is in drop D, and also has a special delay setting. So I would tune down and set up the delay for Gabe, then quickly return the delay to normal for Staircase (first old tune of the set), then switch octave down cables for I Would. (Any song from the 2nd set could have gone in the space after Staircase.)

Encore wasn’t written, but it was Berlin and Stand By Me.