Monotribe Minirig

I’m working on a one-case mini-rig centered on my modded Monotribe. Tonight I got the lattice built and dual lock applied. Instruments and effects will move on and off the rig; there will be more synths and (let’s not kid ourselves) about this many pedals at least.

Compared to the stock Monotribe’s single output, I’m planning on three and a half signal paths:

  • Monotribe drums (direct output mod)
  • Monotribe synth voice
    • Monotribe audio in (including the Monotribe’s synth voice in a feedback loop and/or a separate, independent audio signal); this path routes through the Monotribe synth voice’s VCA
  • Extra synth voice (Volca Bass, Atari Punk Console, etc.)

This rig is more for me than anything else. It’s not particularly intended for Night Mode collaborations, though I’m sure I’ll use it for that eventually (and the ways it isn’t well-suited for that become cool challenges/limitations from another angle). In theory it would be fun to perform a solo show on it, though that’s more of a personal challenge and organizing principle for the setup than a serious intention.