What’s Keeping Us Busy In Lockdown

Dry run of the Monotribe-centered mini synth rig

Been a weird year this week, but there’s still music.

Scott’s figuring out what he can do for his students.

Tim is working with his Novation Circuit, among other things.

Drew’s picking away at Mars Lights vocals, and Night Mode stuff (including some with me, below).

I’m moving in a lot of directions at once:

  • Mastering the Night Mode “Capsule” sets from a few weeks ago
  • Writing a new Night Mode set with Drew and making some recording passes
  • Did my first recordings with the Polyend Medusa synth
  • Working on the mini rig (video below)
  • Doing a 2nd revision of Sally Ride “Fight Songs” drums, which should result in good enough tracks that I can start seriously tracking bass
  • Starting a new synth/noise collaboration
Short video of the mini rig. First jam, not bad, kinda left coasty!

We’re privileged and grateful to be doing this stuff instead of pulling double shifts, or grieving. But the scientists say staying home is what we need to do, so we are. Be as well as you can, everyone. -h