AxNM Receipts

Nate and I committed to donating the proceeds from last year’s collaborative album and EP to anti-racist organizations. I let it run a little long to see if other donations would trickle in. Proof of donation above.

The only way to get my Bandcamp sales data is via .csv export, easily editable, so you’ll have to trust me on that.

11 Days of Bitter Cold

I think I scooped the walk five or six separate times. But it’s a little better tonight.

Two new Night Mode records are immanent-ish. One is the set Drew and I prepared for our show at Records With Merritt last spring that was an early casualty of the pandemic. We have a good recording from our practice sessions. The other, I’m not sure what I can say about yet. The artist will speak when they’re ready.

We have four episodes of The Long Play Listening Party in the can, with the first going up tomorrow morning. Smash those subscribe buttons.