Don’t Blame Me, BLAME THE GAME

Here, for the first time online, is the Blame the Game EP recorded in February 2003. Thanks to Tim J, we have some pics from the session!

To my ears, this EP still tells a compelling story about the individual guys and the way they came together musically. I’m really happy it’s available to hear in 2021.

Night Mode Droneuary Track & Cory on the LPLP

There’s a new Night Mode track, “No Two,” on the Silber Records Droneuary 2021 compilation. We’re honored to be included! Pay what you can for a ton of drone, ambient, and experimental music.

If you’d like to grab Droneuary 2021 for free, go to and enter one of the following codes:

Then, Cory returned to The Long Play Listening Party today to get into the weeds about re-mastering “Pardon My Pretension, But Isn’t It Blackbeard’s Birthday” for modern listening, including on streaming platforms.

Shacker Arrives on Bandcamp and Streaming

We’ve released Shacker’s three LPs on Bandcamp and major streaming platforms!

This includes a re-mastered “Pardon My Pretension, But Isn’t It Blackbeard’s Birthday?” which hasn’t been available online until now.

We’re celebrating the release with an episode of The Long Play Listening Party guest-hosted by Rob. Get it on your favorite podcast platform or Instagram TV here, or on YouTube below.

Tearing Down the Fight Songs Bass Rig

…Which has been up since at least January 2020, if not December 2019.

Signal path is:

Tuner > big gold bypass looper (duplicates the signal) > output 1 recorded in Reaper

Looper output 2 > Falcon Heavy Drive prototype > Wheeler Leveling Amplifier > ART Dual RDB passive transformer-based DI > recorded in Reaper

(The production Falcon with four white knobs wasn’t used)

It’s the second path that provides the main bass sound in the mix; not obviously distorted but super warm and even, inspired by James Jamerson’s Motown tone. The clean path is just for backup, blending in something punchier when needed, using with a virtual amp for something different, that sort of thing.

I had no idea when I set this up, of course, that it would last through most of a year-long global pandemic and a month-long minor basement flood issue. Tearing down rigs is always a bit of an emotional milestone – not sad, not happy, just a feeling of before and after – and while this one was simple and easy to re-create, a whole lot has happened while it’s been up.

And yet, onward. I need the space for some synth things, and will be setting up gear for “Fight Songs” guitars.

Made a Night Mode Record This Week

Last weekend a couple of new modules for my modular case arrived – a 2hp Tune and an EricaSynths Pico VCO – and in the course of learning to use them I made a quick Night Mode record, as one does, five pieces with the modular, MS-20, and 1776 Effects Multiplex delay pedal.

I’m using it as a reason to update the Night Mode timeline, below.

EDIT 2021 MARCH 25: Drew reminded me of the “Murder Mountain” session. After digging around, my best guess is that we recorded this material – maybe an album’s worth, or more – on two dates in May and June 2019

Feb – Dec ’15OTHER
Jan – Aug ’16Dirac Spike
Feb ’17Duo (H/Damon) –
Mar ’17Trio –
Load Exceedance
Load Transcendance
Mar – Jul ’17Your Pain Matters
?? – Jul ’18Gentleman Scientist(there’s a Drew/Damon
noise / Marshall reamp /
drums project in
here somewhere
Jan – Apr ’18Working Bears Or Barely Working (unreleased)
Jan ’18 – Mar ’19Only Mostly Dead
Come In Alone / Stuck On You (Sep ’18) (unreleased)
May 8 – Jun 6 ’19Duo (Drew/H) – Murder Mountain
Jun – Nov ’19Not One Person Left Out (unreleased)
Jan-Feb ’20Duo (Drew/H) –
Mar ’20Duo (Drew/H) –
Summer / fall ’21Asterales x Night Mode “Orbital Debris Vol. 1” and “Extra Junk”
Jan ’21Title TK
In progress:
Digitone + 1 LP
In progress:
Seen Heard and Known,
Monotribe record(s) (Oct ’19 – ??),
AX60 record (Nov ’19 – ??),
Medusa record (Apr ’20 – ??),
Noise record (Mar ’20)
Frank-N-Puter x Night Mode (summer ’20 – spring ’21)
MS-20/Pico (March ’21)

AxNM Receipts

Nate and I committed to donating the proceeds from last year’s collaborative album and EP to anti-racist organizations. I let it run a little long to see if other donations would trickle in. Proof of donation above.

The only way to get my Bandcamp sales data is via .csv export, easily editable, so you’ll have to trust me on that.

11 Days of Bitter Cold

I think I scooped the walk five or six separate times. But it’s a little better tonight.

Two new Night Mode records are immanent-ish. One is the set Drew and I prepared for our show at Records With Merritt last spring that was an early casualty of the pandemic. We have a good recording from our practice sessions. The other, I’m not sure what I can say about yet. The artist will speak when they’re ready.

We have four episodes of The Long Play Listening Party in the can, with the first going up tomorrow morning. Smash those subscribe buttons.

New Night Mode Song on Completely Gone Recordings

We’re psyched to be included on Completely Gone Recordings‘ newest compilation of Électronique, Kosmische!, Surréaliste, Post-Rock, Vanguard, Moderne, Abstrakt, Jazz!!!!!, and ?????? music.

The track is called “No One” and was recorded by Drew and I live, outdoors, and distant in October specifically for this comp.

Here’s the full compilation. Pay what you can for a bunch of new stuff. Eraser Ears and T.R.I.v.M. jumped out at me, and I’ve already collected more of their music from their respective Bandcamp pages!