Drive-By Honky and Sally Ride's "There is Something and not nothing" Release Date: October 31

Why not Halloween?

Two years in the making, Sally Ride’s third release* will post at the end of next month.  The album is 99% finished; all that remains are some final mixing tweaks.

We’re also honored to be re-releasing Drive-By Honky’s “Double Live Platinum” EP (which is none of the three adjectives of its title) this Saturday.  DBH is a Lincoln, NE indie institution, and this out-of-print EP is a welcome addition to our Little Label That Could.

Upcoming releases:

  • October 3 – Drive-By Honky, “Double Live Platinum” EP
  • October 31 – Sally Ride, “There is Something and not nothing”
  • December 5 – MFR’s XMAS compilation, featuring Scott Morris’ “Hush Hush” new for 2009
  • January 2 – White Air, “White Air”
  • February 6 – Sally Ride, “Furious Instance” – Two demos from “…not nothing;” “Deft” and “Can U Feel It?”
  • In the works: The Golden Age full-length, Sally Ride’s “You Have To Wear The Boots,” Fifty Bears in a Fight

“There is Something and not nothing” – It’s poppy and a little tough, with some dance influence.  Ten songs.

Matt from Five Star Crush played drums for me, and killed it.  His drums were in my bedroom for most of the two years.

It’s about dancing and struggling with infinity.  I love it dearly and I hope you will, too.  -h

*Third release, but fifth album written.  Recordings of “Ventura” (3) and “You Have To Wear The Boots” (4) are in-progress, with “…Boots” to follow “…not nothing” in 2010.

Release Schedule

We’re working one out, which is exciting!

Sally Ride’s “There is Something and not nothing,” XMAS, new Furious Instance, and releases from several Lincoln-based artists are in the works.  I almost announced a date for “…not nothing,” but then realized that depending on some details I could get it to you sooner than what I’d planned.

So.  Just a blog, not news, *yet.*  But we are real close to some serious stuff.  Cheers.  -h

arturo fan needs music lol

Subject: arturo fan needs music lol

hey this is the guy from the thread did you find the music?

Subject: Re: arturo fan needs music lol

Hey man, Found everything I have – got the EP (Yes, Ray), the LP (Fireflies) and the live record (Numbers):

Thanks for checking in. Made my week. Best,


Subject:THANK YOU!!!

thank you man its great to see that you guys are still making music loved it then and love it now please continue to make it. your fan, alex
p.s. i love you too is my favorite i think i have tabbed it out right maybe you could correct it i have attached a word document and again thank you for your music.

Subject: FW: THANK YOU!!!

Thought I would pass along a note I got this week from a guy who found Fireflies on (d)N0t.  Really made my week.

Subject: RE: FW: THANK YOU!!!

And now, mine too. Thanks, rocker. Hope you’re well. I’m keeping on. Both my “…not nothing” record and the first Fifty Bears stuff are almost done. -h

Re-Living Thing

pbj front.jpegI’ve been browing the mixtape archives of NahRight for a few weeks, pulling some stuff off of there (like Truck North and some Mos Def b-sides/rarities/old jams).

My latest find is Mick Boogie’s “Re-Living Thing,” which takes Peter, Bjorn, & John’s latest record “Living Thing” and re-mixes it with raps from MCs like Bun B, Talib Kweli, GZA, and Rhymefest.

Like Tor did with Sufjan Stevens’ “Illinois” on “Illinoize,” the original tunes are recognizable but seriously transformed; a couple instrumental hooks from the PB&J version are lifted and matched with new sounds and beats.  The result is essentially a new song, but with a genetic link to the original.

Whether you’re a longstanding hip-hop head or an indie person looking for an in, there’s something for you on “Re-Living Thing.”  3/5 stars. -h

St. Paul Tacos

A couple weeks ago at dinner, Cari Ann said something about “Wouldn’t it be awesome to have tacos with Dorothy Lynch on them?” ( ) It would, so we set about inventing a recipe to support the concept.

Shell: Soft corn tortillas

Filling: Broiled red pepper, mushroom, and corn. We cut two fresh red peppers into thin strips, sliced one package of baby bella mushrooms, put those two in a pan, and spread frozen corn over them. Season with crushed red pepper and Mexican oregano, broil on a high (2nd from highest???) rack until the corn starts to brown a bit.

Crunch: Cashew pieces and a bit of romaine lettuce

Sauce: Dorothy Lynch

Cheese: Queso fresco (or feta if you can’t find it, but the mild queso fresco is *really* delicious!)

Of course, sides of chips and salsa or guac, well-fried black beans, or garlic white rice would go well with these tacos. Enjoy! -h