April brought mrfuriousrecords.com to new height for bandwidth use; 700 megabytes of music transmitted out into the world.

Notably, the record was set in a month where only one new song was released; echoes’ live cut of “I Don’t Even Know How Right This Sounds” on Furious Instance #3, on the 25th of the month. Which tells us that new listeners continue to discover Mr. Furious Records and releases by Beach-Puppy, Bike, and echoes. The Furious Instance regularly generates traffic beyond anyone’s expectations; I, for one, anticipated that those tracks would generally interest hardcore MFR listeners. Maybe it’s the pink links? Whatever the reasons, we love it.

The numbers:
700.91 mb of .m4a data (songs only – total bandwidth use was nearly 1 Gb)
Average song file size = 3.4 mb
700.91 / 3.4 = 206.15

Meaning that roughly 206 songs were downloaded directly from mrfuriousrecords.com in April. This breaks previous high of 592 mb in Dec 04 (Bike’s How Is That Possible was released that month). As always, we have no way to track burning (our own and yours) and file sharing/trading, which we encourage wholeheartedly. Thanks for giving us a great month. We thought it was worth a pause to celebrate, before we get back to giving you music; GILMO’s new Points of Parallax EP released today!


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