While I’m looking for a new favorite record shop in Kansas City, here’s the skinny on my last trip to Cheapo in Uptown, Minneapolis. A place I hate to love, because I can never leave for less than 40 bucks…

Some good finds in the “Recent Arrivals” made this trip A) solid from an economic standpoint (only paid full price for Vicious Vicious) and B) a good example of my listening habits, which are quirkier than you may imagine.

Vicious Vicious / Don’t Look So Surprised – You must see Erik Appelwick to fully appreciate his solo act plus guests, Vicious Vicious; 6’6″ or more of pale WASP small-town South Dakotan, with gangly hands that I imagine could palm medicine balls, or reach about two octaves on piano. This man makes weirdly soulful pop-funk music that you won’t believe until you see him do it.

Gatsby’s American Dream / Volcano – Their first record, Why We Fight, arrived at KDNE for radio play and I got hooked. Volcano sounds more like Ribbons & Sugar, but with less self-conscious effort and more color.

311 / Evolver – Was the only studio album I had missed; problem solved. Then, just this morning, 311 was the featured album on the iTunes new music email. Guess I didn’t know how big they still were; it was a happy surprise.

Presidents of the United States of America / II – I like everything Presidents’ frontman Chris Ballew has ever done.

Kanye West / The College Dropout – Cory listens to this record constantly. Of course, he listens to Faith Hill too…

Ozma / Rock and Roll Part Three – Ozma is as over-wrought as Pinkerton, sounds like Blue Album b-sides, and writes songs about things like “Apple Trees,” “Natalie Portman,” and being “In Search of 1988.”

Ozma / The Doubble Donkey Disc – A combination of the band’s Russian Coldfusion and Bootytraps EPs.

Q Rocks Sampler – Tracks from Foo Fighters, Hot Hot Heat, System of a Down, The Donnas, My Morning Jacket, and Muse are certainly worth a buck.

US3 / “Cantaloop” single – $1 (instead of 99 cents at iTunes) bought 2 remixes, an instrumental version (I’ll probably freestyle over it later tonight to impress girls) and the radio edit (!!!111) for this mid-90s pop oddity. I have a vivid memory of eating lunch with Muff at Runza on Main St., the “What’s up?” sample perking my ears for reasons unknown.

Monsters of Rap – I have a thing about not buying records that have been advertised on TV (not that I’m often tempted) but for Wreckz-N-Effect, A Tribe Called Quest, Sir Mix-A-Lot, DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince, and Tone Loc, I was pleased to make an exception.

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  1. I remember Cantaloop. I always liked the trumpet part, or at least I thought that’s what it was. Maybe it’s a memory lapse.

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