AUDIO NUTS & BOLTS; FURIOUS CHANGES? is a massive digital library project that collects and preserves digital resources: web pages, images, audio files, video, etc. I stumbled on the link (and not for the first time, though I’d forgotten about it) the other day, and was drawn to a news announcement stating that the group had reached a milestone. Along with 20,000 concerts and netlabel-albums have been compiled and are freely available to download and share. Read the announcement here.

“Self,” I thought, “aren’t you looking for more server space for Mr. Furious Records’ music? That many archived shows implies significant stroage abilities. Plus exposure to an entire network of people who love free, tradable music.” After learning about the technological side of preparing a “seed” (eTree’s word for a digital audio project/show/recording) I wonder if MFR should move the nuts and bolts of our operation to would of course stay, looking and working the same as now; the changes would be in the music files. From eTree, the songs would be availalble in lossless FLAC format, as well as VBR-mp3 and lo-fi mp3. I imagine the direct links on the MFR page would link to the VBR-mp3s (about the same audio quality as the 128-bit m4as we use now, maybe better) and each album would have a link to its page at eTree for users who want the FLACS or lo-fi files. For example, look at this Matisyahu show page; every MFR album would have a similar one.



  1. Some advantages; The eTree archive is available permanently, so we wouldn’t have to take albums down. Different file types (more choice). Potential new listeners through eTree. Mp3s are universally playable, while the m4as require iTunes/Winamp.

    Some disadvantages; Adds extra steps to the process for MFR artists, between when we finish a recording and when you can hear it. Different file types (confusing – but this should be minimal, as most users I imagine will just head straight for the VBR-mp3s).

    Please feel free to ask technical questions; I’ve kept some of the details out of this post for readability.


  2. You know, I thought about this last night when I caught wind of it, and I really think that if the MFR people don’t mind (howie, Cory, Tucci, Scott, Alan, etc.) dealing with the delays in postings and the extra hassles, it would be awesome to have theoretically indefinite storage and availability of MFR work. The more and more I think about being able to access all MFR music all the time, the more I like it. The real questions is: is this going to be a big forking pain the the ass for Mr Furious himself, the webmaster? I mean, if this is totally going to stress him out or make MFR any less fun to do, things have been going well so far, so why not stick with it? However, if Mr Furious thinks it’s worth the extra work, by all means, let’s do this shit.

    Sorry for cursing.

    Cory Alan

  3. I’ll always do the tech-shizzle if it’s worth it to the artists/listeners. That’s the core question; is it WORTH it? And when it’s framed that way, I can’t help but think that it is. There are 2 big benefits – indefinite availability for our music, and no more explaining what m4a is all about. m4a was a good idea for good reasons a year ago when we launched, but it’s frustrated some people and i don’t think it’s brought us any tangible benefit. I still like the idea of giving music in the exact same format as the iTunes store (because that establishes 128kHz-m4a as a standard that people recognize as quality worth paying for) but really the VBR-mp3s will sound as good or better.

  4. On a personal level, the idea of having MFR artists’ catalog archived and constantly available is mostly a non-issue for me; I’ve already gotten everything I wanted.

    But in terms of new MFR listeners, I think it’s almost a must. I know I’ve introduved MFR to a few people, and they’ve been interested in MFR music, but not all of it is available. While I’m quite happy to burn CDs and share them with the masses, I’m sure there have to be other people that stumble upon the site and do not have the oppotunity to listen to/download the older stuff. The new music is awesome, but so is the old stuff, and if there’s a way to make that older stuff just as available as the new stuff, then I think you must pursue that course of action.

    I think file format is also something that can be navigated around for the greater good. iTunes and Winamp are ready to play most any type of media, so those that have converetd for MFR purposes, or those that just use iTunes cause it’s just that good, will not have problems with new file types.

    In any case, I think you should go for it. I don’t see the disadvantages being anywhere close to annoying enough to outweigh the advantages.

  5. Thanks for weighing in JT. I almost wish somebody would come up with a major piece we’re missing, but nobody has… It is a big change in the “nuts & bolts” – we’d be operating in close relationship with eTree, instead of completely independent. Maybe that’s alright; they bring a lot to the table in a relationship, and aren’t asking for anything other than our music.

    Did anybody check out the Matisyahu page, or other album pages at eTree???


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