Since recording Benjamin Axeface last weekend…

I dropped ill rhymes (and non-rhymes) for the Be A Ska Rat EP in one 90-minute stretch last Sunday night. The only thing remaining is a few little rock organ parts I hope to do soon, then mix it for a January release.

FuriousSound made the trip to Nebraska for the Thanksgiving weekend. Vocals were recorded for three echoes XMAS songs, and another done from scratch (two of these four will appear on the XMAS comp next month, along with Cory’s song and ScoMo’s piece). I laid hand drums for the whole Ventura EP. And some extra parts (guitar, harmonica, piano) were added to the recent Axeface recordings.

Yesterday morning ScoMo came over to track the first verse to an arrangement of “O Come, O Come Emmanuel” that I’m starting on for 2006’s XMAS. We then learned and recorded his piece (including sax, drum kit, and djembe). Scott’s been deep into Coltrane lately, and today’s work was influenced by A Love Supreme. When we post XMAS, Scott will write a post to illuminate his music.

Annie is doing Axeface-cello at a different studio (Matt Wisecarver’s) TODAY!, maybe one of the Axeface crew will drop a comment here later to tell how the session went.

So we’re busy with new science in the Furious camp. FuriousSound is back in Raytown. Merry XMAS to all, as soon as I can mix it!!!111



  1. Well, I have some awful news for everyone who was banking on a sesh last night in Omaha :( :( :( Annie came down with some nasty disease (we at MFR speculate Cheesy R&B Hook-Worms, but in reality, it was a migraine), so we had to postpone the sesh until NEXT SUNDAY!

    But, this is good news, really. Annie will make short work of the songs, pretty much making us all look like teenage kids trying to steal cigarettes from Resting Grandfather.

    Also, we’ll have ALL DAY, as opposed to just a few hours.

    AND, it doesn’t really delay the potential release too much, if at all. I am just itchy itchy itchy to hear the final products.

    AND HOWIE! Annie liked the coffeehouse bloodbath story.


    Cory Alan

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