Here are a couple of links, one of which I will kill when the test is complete.

The first is to a newspaper interview about my other job;

The other is a test of copy & paste code for the upcoming MR|signal;

(test failed; Blogger doesn’t allow JavaScript. Will try elsewhere)

4 thoughts on “h's OTHER LIFE & MR|SIGNAL TEST”

  1. Great article! Plus, that’s a pretty stellar picture of you.

    I must confess that I’m way behind on my MFR downloads. No excuses, I just suck. But on the plus side, I finally downloaded Sally Ride, and I’m quite impressed on the first listen. Very good stuff. I’ll let you know more when I’ve had the chance to go through those songs (and others) more in depth.

  2. Yeah, Howie looks super studly. Makes me want to counsel him behind a hog-barn built for two. But honestly now, Make Sure to pay close attention to the chorus on Track 8 “Get in Bed.” The melody is awesome.

    Pirates are pretty awesome, too.

  3. Thanks (and Cory twice!) for being tolerant of me spreading the interview around… I much prefer that than actually telling people about St. P’s, I don’t know why.

    JT, I’m glad you came by to pick up the Sally Ride… we’re super-proud of it. 4 years.

    MR|signal seems to be working, except for the Internet Archive is being funny. I’m pretty convinced it’s on that end, rather than the frontend stuff I can affect. It may not be entirely ready until January.

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