“If you just missed that, it was fucking awesome”

said Felix to the kids playing pool after emcee Muad’Dib and drummer Peter Leggitt traded solos, about four songs into Heiruspecs’ set Wednesday night. He could have said it about the whole show.

It started long before St. Paul’s sons took the stage, with Felix and I sitting at the bar watching The Simpsons (I was a little early). Mellow offstage, Heiruspecs’ primary voice is a bouncy stage presence, like a 8-year-old, giddy at the sound of a beat.

A Tiger Dancing is one of my absolute favorite Twin Cities records; forget it, just one of my favorite albums. I never caught the band all last year though. They tour, and my goings-out never matched their local shows. So I couldn’t pass the opportunity to see them here. Providence.

I can’t explain how tight and loose Heiruspecs is live; the band is stellar, Felix and Muad’Dib can freestyle like mad (tight, tight) but the songs and arrangements are improvised on the spot (loose). These cats read each other’s minds. I was lost in it.

The icing is that both A Tiger Dancing and Small Steps sound even better now that I have a vastly deeper sense of who these guys are.

One thought on “HEIRUSPECS at the BOTTLENECK, LAWRENCE KS, 30 NOV 05”

  1. props on “a tiger dancing” great record. it must’ve been a good show. Speaking or good shows… well i guess not. jurassic 5 is apparently working on a new album. about dang time!

    oh… and dave was great. they did hands down the best version of seek up i’ve ever heard. absolutle highlight of the night. and their evolving during two step. those songs have never sounded better.


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