Closing in on our 100th post…

The Lone Wolf sessions at Nick’s house yesterday and today have taught me a few things. It’s good to have a mini-“vacation” even if you never leave town. I’m not as good at playing my own damn songs (and other folks’) as I often imagine I am. Despite that, I’m a pretty good cat in the studio, able to analyze my own work well (not objectively, and often not as someone else would, but with an ear towards some kind of standard).

For close [blog] followers, I apologize that this post is late; I know how I feel when I go to read my favorite blog, and there’s nothing new.

I will be listening to the tracks I laid over the next few weeks, and deciding what to release, what to put here on the MFR [blog], what to try and re-do, and what to cut. “Open Columns” and “America Votes 2032” from nickel will show up, along with “Talk Me Down.” “Hymn…”, re-christened “The Picture Song,” is in at this point. A couple new tunes I haven’t really talked about will probably make it too. The only non-Lincoln band cover that sounds good is my Foo Fighters track (I’m really sad about another one not working… I may try it again, if I can’t do it I’ll tell you what it is so you can go listen to the record anyway). That one (Foos), and any other covers that I might potentially re-work, I would probably release as a limited number of downloads; after X amount of hits (100?) I would delete the file and it would no longer be legally available from me or MFR.

JT, I hate to tell you, but “Mable” just isn’t any fun to play without Scottie. It doesn’t click.

After a long weekend of playing songs in Nick’s spare bedroom, Bo Ling and bowling, Shadow, driving, college hoops, and a pot of my Italian soup, this lone wolf is home and for bed. See you-


3 thoughts on “THE LONE WOLF RIDES… HOME”

  1. Dude, I am sorry some of the songs didn’t work so well, but I am EXCITED to hear the other stuff! My internet is busted and is getting fixed tomorrow, so sorry about no communication (I’m using Burbach’s internet right now), but you will hear from me soon about news and things!


  2. Ok. I’m a little slow on coming here, but I’m still going to make a couple requests any way. Mind you I have not looked at the requests listed in your post below.

    Just as you talk about Foo Fighters here in this post one of songs I would really love you to do is by them, what luck.

    So here goes:

    Everlong by Foo Fighters
    One Heart???? by Bob Marley (we went singing it through the halls of Frees one time)
    I would say some DMB but you probably feel the same about them as you did about Mable.

    Now I can’t really think of anything else. Maybe Beginning by Chicago.

    I’ll stop while I’m ahead.

  3. Sorry to say that the sessions happened last weekend Mel, so the material I have to work with is already set.

    I also did a bad thing by asking for requests before I knew that I had to pay for every cover I do, even if it’s a free download. If I could give covers away for free, I would do every single song anybody asks for, but that would still be illegal.

    GOOD NEWS: I have permission from the JV All*Stars and More Than Yesterday and Cory to do their songs for free. Right now, I think I’ve figured out what I’ll do, except for deciding whether to offer a Foo Fighters song as a bonus track limited to 100 downloads.


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