A collection of things-happening, Cory Alan-stylee:


This is what I think will happen with Tonight The Lone Wolf Rides Alone;
1. Open Columns
2. Talk Me Down (Shacker)
3. The Picture Song
4. Pushing The Envelope (JV All*stars)
5. America Votes
6. My Time (BLS / More Than Yesterday)
7. JCM
8. Hawaiian Bells

9.? Bonus Track I’m Still Debating

AND THEN two tracks that will appear only here on the MFR [blog];
“Coast & Plains” from the upcoming (with Cory) Ventura. I wrote the music and Cory wrote the words + melody, and it’s the first time we’ve really done that, so it’s pretty rad that I get to give you the first taste of it.
“Holy Moses” from the someday in the distant future (with Cory) new Sally Ride.

Only on the [blog] because I would rather that nonchalant MFR listeners wait for the real version of “Coast & Plains”, and “Holy Moses” is a kind of oddity that I probably wouldn’t actually play for you if you came over one night (which is what Lone Wolf is supposed to represent).


This morning I took some concrete steps towards new musical adventures, contacting a few different people in KC who had interesting opportunities. One is a new cowpunk/alt-country band, and I don’t know what kind of role I might have. One is a gospel band that needs a drummer. One is an indie band looking for keyboards of some sort. We’ll see what happens, but it feels good.


New music in my life:

Congotronics 1, Konono No. 1 – This is crazy, amped-up African street-folk music. I pulled it from Pitchfork’s year-end list, and some others too – it’s something completely different from my usual, and I dig it.

Pixel Revolt, John Vanderslice – I love JV, and this is a great record. His production and lyrics, which are always turbo-colorful, are strong but not OVER-stated; they support each song well. After one listen, I’m ready to say that some of his best work is on this album.

Multiples, Keith Fullerton Whitman – Another from Pitchfork’s list. Very abstract, but my experience with it has also been very emotional. It’s music that most people won’t like – but if you’re somebody who gave Gilmo’s Points of Parallax even a second listen (I listen to it all the time) then you might get this.

Crusades, The Plastic Constellations – Awesome band, awesome record. These are Minneapolis guys, and they bring the pain with 10 massive shout-alongs that are three parts post-punk bombast, one part Rhymesayers, and one part Aerosmith. The whole album is about being knights and slaying dragons, except for one song where TPC admits that it’s not; it’s just that the mythical language of crusade is the only kind that feels right in describing their struggles in life. Beautiful; fun; get it.